Difficult to Watch: Hillary Has Trouble Talking During Coughing Attack Today in Cleveland

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Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton had a coughing fit today that wracked her voice at the beginning of her Labor Day speech with running mate Tim Kaine in Cleveland, Ohio.

Clinton took several swigs from a tall glass of water and eventually unwrapped and put in her mouth a pill, presumably a throat lozenge, in her efforts to put a stop to her coughing fit.

Clinton made a joke that she was allergic to her rival Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.




  1. To be honest, any 69 year old lady would have a hard time talking so much. I’m surprised she didn’t get voice lessons, like chazzanim do. Once you start coughing and you get that itch in your throat, it’s very hard to continue talking loudly. I don’t like her political views at all & will not be voting for her, but one shouldn’t mock her coughing or her health in general.

    • We’re not mocking her health in general. We’re just concerned that it is has deteriorated to the point where she’s unfit to be President.

      Yeah, that’s the ticket.


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