Watch: Hillary Clinton Ignores Press Questions About How She’s Feeling After 9/11 Event Departure

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  1. Not exactly ignored: Someone asks, “Secretary Clinton, are you feeling better?” She answers, “Yes, much, thank you.”

  2. Hope she has good health, but Americans have a right to know if she is healthy enough to be president. Fainting, coughing, looking tired — are these symptoms of something significant? The video of her stumbling is for real.

  3. Yeh, yeh. She will just go on late night television and yuck it up with the corrupt hosts. Everyone will respond to the laugh lite when it goes on. Everyone will laugh and clap so hard. Everything will be forgiven. It’s only those evil white racist male chauvinists who are the right wing conspiracy who concocted this whole shpeil to make Hillary look bad. If she ever does steal the election and get into power, and then g-d forbid something happens to her, they will blame those evil white racist Republicans, or the Bush’s.


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