Watch: Hillary Clinton Reads “Sigh” from Her Teleprompter

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Hillary Clinton was caught reading “sigh” off her teleprompter at a recent event.

Commenting on the video, Donald Trump remarked online, “She’s so fake, she has to be told how to feel…¬†She’s basically a cadaver put up on stage to read a script for the donors.”




  1. Bizarre. Would she really sigh? Do they do that for all political speeches and tell them an emotion to emit? One would like to know more.

    Still, if she is a cadaver, Trump is a zombie without commercial vote. However you look at Clinton, she is not going to make your mother fear going to bed at night or walk through town. Trump will.

    That is more scary.

    • To Anony mouse: Why are you so afraid of Donald Trump becoming the next President of the United States? Are you worried that your left wing leanings or your liberal stands on same gender marriage or abortion or other social issues will forever be changed or forgotton? I guess you would sleep better at night knowing that Hillary Clinton is also asleep and won’t cause serious damage until she wakes up the next morning when you are awake.
      Hillary Clinton would continue the destructive policies of B.O. (Barack Obama) if she Chas V’Sholom gets elected. You probably read the New York Times!
      Do you really want information about Hillary? Go to

      • I’m worried just the opposite that liberal Trump with all his left wing leanings is going to take over our conservative party leaving to strong party with right wing leanings

  2. She is clearly not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Could be her age is creeping up on her. We’re done as a nation if this old hag gets into the White House.

    • when he reads from a teleprompter he reads straight from it with no emotion, he doesn’t seem as if he knows what he is going to say next


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