Watch: Hillary Clinton’s Lead Declines Among Likely Voters

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  1. Donald trump is winning. I don’t care what any left poll suggests.

    Wakeup now before a liar and delusional crooked hillary gets even close to being president.

    • The delusional liar in the race is Trump. The only good think about his candidacy is that he has reduced unemployment among journalists as the media has to hire extra reporters to debunk his repeated falsehoods. And he just hired the head of the Goebbels-like site

      The good news is that while some national polls have the race tightening, Clinton’s lead in swing states has grown. Trump is now down in the 30s in Virginia — and the last time a Republican did that badly in Virginia was 1940. The last time a Republican was elected without carrying Virginia was 1924.

  2. Here he goes again! DNC mouthpiece Charlie Hall quotes “facts” like he knows what he’s talking about. He has no clue. He just flaps his lips to the tune of Crooked Hillary without answering anything of substance because he just doesn’t know how to respond to the truth. Crooked Hillary is a liar and will do or say anything to get elected. These are the words of her own President, Barry Sotero, aka Barak Obummer. (2008). Even CNN’s Cooper Anderson asked her on live TV: “Mrs. Clinton. Is there anything you wouldn’t do or say to get elected?” Grow up Charlie Hall. Get a life.

  3. Charlie,

    You are the completely deluded one here. Most people posting here do not think that Trump is the ultimate candidate. They are just sane enough to know that Hillary is an utter disaster. Way more corrupt than Trump. We know he is not an angel.

    You, on the other hand, believe that Hillary, an evil reshanta who kissed Arafat’s wife among all her other deceitful acts, and who has put the Country’s security in danger on multiple occasions for her own personal gain, is the ultimate candidate.

    And you are not ashamed of that. It is thus no surprise that you are one of the ardent OO supporters. Birds of a feather.


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