Watch: Hillary’s Second Coughing Fit of the Day Abruptly Ends Press Gaggle on Plane

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  1. That’s not fair. Campaigning would be rigorous for a healthy young person to. Getting dry from overspeaking, especially on a plane which is dehydrating can happen to anyone.

  2. What drugs were in that cup of water she was passed that weren’t in the bottle of water that she was already holding? Why else would you pass someone a cup of water if they’re already holding a bottle?

  3. This is crazy. Zi paas nisht for Matzav to show this. It’s not kavod habrios to show a mensch when they are in uncomfortable position. As you know, I have rightfully criticized her on her policies and stances she has taken, but this showing her coughing is totally uncalled for. It has no place on a Torah website. This can happen to anyone who does a lot of public talking.

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