Watch: Holocaust Museum Adds… A George Floyd Exhibit?

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  1. I am not making light of the death of George Floyd but this cheapens the Holocaust. For as much as it could be considered similar, it is so different. This should have been put in another venue, but not with the Holocaust Museum. So, what is next? That America put Asians in concentration camps during WWII? They have to stop mixing the two together.

  2. Political correctness is never thought through. As wrong as the death of George Floyd was, it shares very few parallels with the well organized official German government policy to exterminate Jews. To compare the holocaust to a terribly wrong act done by an individual police officer is to demean the holocaust.

  3. when the world has decreed that the holocaust is some cheap trick that probably never occurred but was just dreamed up by –horrors!!–a group called the jews, and black lives are the only lives that matter anyway, then killing one black man is equivalent to killing 6 million jews. what do you expect?

  4. If this is a precedent, then I will look for every museum exhibition on slavery in the Americas, 1619 through 1865. I will politely request that my experience of suffering be accorded recognition and several square feet of exhibit space.

    In the eighth grade, I was unfairly detained after school for ten minutes by my science teacher. My searing experience is relevant to the tragic story of slavery because wrongful detention is wrongful detention. I am haunted by my horrific experience each time I have to wait in line at a food store, doctor’s office or polling place.

    I apologize, but there is no cure for stupid.


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