Watch: Honest and Candid Analysis of Secular Jews by Ben Shapiro

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    • 5:42pm, it’s kinda too late to save the wast majority of the American secular Jews. Out of 5 million total, approximately 3 million are 70 year old baby boomers, 1.5 million are 45 year old generation X, maybe there is half a million 20-year-olds who are still Jewish, whose likelihood of marrying Jewish is in single percentage points. All this devastation was caused by the secular Jews themselves, by sticking with the low birth rates, and pushing up the intermarriage rate each year. If one in a thousand of the younger generation becomes religious, than maybe 500 of them can be saved and will continue to be a part of the Jewish nation. This is the last chance. And our kiruv efforts should consist of preaching the absolute Emes(obviously in a friendly manner), not by accepting the evil secular premises that caused all this destruction to begin with. In other words, the secular Jews failed miserably, and if they don’t want to go the way of Dodo, they should come to us, and leave all their socialist-fascist garbage behind.

      • 1) נצח ישראל לא ישקר – We will survive regardless of the statistics. The parshah of Sota proves that (see Ramban there).
        2) Preaching the emes, as you point out, is the only way. Watering down or even candy-coating Yiddishkeit, showing we are secular plus, has never worked.

  1. I don’t believe that Orthodox Jews vote only 2 out 3 for Republicans. I strongly suspect that the real number is 9 out of 10. In Federal elections, at least. By the way, there is no excuse for Bnei Torah to vote democratic, no matter how much government cheese is promised by the politicians.

  2. agreed! does anyone actually not realize this? is this meant as a message to religious Jews who might still be voting democrat, or is it a message to leftist Jews that their religion is not Judaism but rather athiestic anti-morality leftism

  3. Actually, it’s a message to non-Jews who are flabbergasted at how Jews vote. He’s explaining their devotion to Democrat avodah zara.

  4. I don’t know specifically what Mr. Shapiro’s intention was however, it’s abundantly clear that charedim ldvar Hashem must do all within their power to be mkarav krovim and mkarav rechokim. The achdus displayed in protesting the closure of sleepaway camp should serve as a wake-up call that we charedim are all of the same camp!

  5. These women of the wall have nothing at all in common with Judaism.
    The American reform are all complaining to POTUS, “you are ignoring us”. They don’t have any Jewish grandchildren, POTUS does have Jewish grandchildren.

  6. Ben Shapiro is a real star of ethical politics. The statistics he displays regarding LACK of American Jewish Torah-observance is too sad. That accounts for a lack of respect for Israel. Today we have the friendship of Trump as opposed to the enmity of Obamba in the past. It’s time that the secular Jews assume moral & religious responsibility. It should be noted here that the secular Jews have little time to believe in and follow their roots because in Egypt ONLY 20 % survived to follow the Messiah of that generation, Prophet Moshe. Soon the Messiah of our time will come along with the Day of Judgment and then “free choice” will no longer exist. If then it was just 20 % what will it be today ➖ 10 %⁉️ Biblical prophesies so declare …


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