Watch: Katie Hopkins Calls CNN “The Clinton News Network,” Anchor Loses It



  1. Good for katie, that cnn liberal sounded like an idiot. Very unprofessional on anchors part. She should’ve let her speak what a terrible interview.
    This is why they are the Clinton news network, or communist news network i like to call them.
    Last night fox broke the story on the fbi n doj with regard to the newest clinton e mails, all kinds of terrible frightening things and i switched to cnn msnbc to see if anyone else was reporting the story.
    Of course not,both those useless networks were on a trump bash talking about the “locker room” tape and the like, in other words yet again turning a blind eye to the truth, to the fact that our national security was put at risk by reporting that up to 5 foreign entities hacked into hillarys e mail server!!!!
    Isn’t this news?
    So so sad what has happened to our beloved country./
    What are they all going to do when they have to report on president trump?


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