WATCH: Horrific Videos Emerge of Animal Slaughter in Gaza for their Eid Holiday

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WARNING: Extremely Disturbing Footage: Why are the animal rights activists silent?

The way people treat animals often mirrors the way they will treat human beings.

Animal cruelty is often overlooked by liberal activists supporting Arab claims against Israel.

True liberals ought to watch the cruelty that goes on in the streets of Gaza.



  1. disgarceful. If it’s Jews humaely shechting, the world goes crazy. And yet you have Palestinians beating the living daylights out of animals and no one says a word. Sick!

  2. it’s very obvious. videos of this “peace loving nation”seem to be broadcast only to jewish dot coms because no one else seems to be aware of what’s going on

  3. Please do not show these horrific video’s on this site. This should be shown on social media for the world to see not heimishe people. We know what they are.

  4. In my opinion you should NOT post this awful footage widely as the non- Jewish world is very quick to associate Chalal with Shechita and it will eagerly be used AGAINST us to prove that all religious slaughter is dreadful and disgusting. Particularly as you associate this with a religious festival- I dont suppose there is any difference between this and regular slaughter, so the title is a bit misleading – and as I say it will only bring harm to publicise it further.


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