Watch: How Doug Jones Won Alabama: Breaking Down The Votes

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Breaking down the numbers on how Doug Jones won the Alabama Senate race against Roy Moore. A look at which voters turned up to the polls in historic numbers.




  1. That the Supreme Court allowed counties to destroy their voter records, should tell you how honest the election was; how many illegals voted, how many dead voted, how many voted duplicate and more and how many from other states came in to vote esp. because bus loads from other states were seen bringing people in to vote.
    This smells like Hillary “won” the Democratic nomination over Bernie Sanders.

  2. We must realize what the wicked media — which is blaring about Doug Jones “Big Win” — is NOT bringing out: this was an EXTREMELY CLOSE election!! So, DESPITE that almost “everyone” vehemently sharply ganged up against him, Former Judge Roy Moore still managed to get ALMOST the majority of the votes, ON THE CONTRARY, this was a GIGANTIC VICTORY for Roy Moore!! Of course, very sadly though, this big win that Roy Moore did get was still not “big enough” to get him into the position of U.S. Senator. So, yes, the numerous wicked people who heavily conspired against him — which was not only the Democrat camp of Doug Jones, but, even more so, was the super leftist so-called “establishment” Republicans — did succeed in getting what they wanted.


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