Watch: How Frank Sinatra Became A Secret Agent For The State Of Israel

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      • You’re incorrect. Why do you think our trustworthy government covered up and deleted much of the Warren commission? Even President Trump never released the full report. Why not? What are they hiding? The Zapruder film means nothing?

  1. The Haganah, Israel’s pre-state paramilitary organization, had established a base in New York to smuggle arms to Palestine over a U.S. embargo. The Haganah was headquartered in the Hotel 14, located on the same premises as the Copacabana nightclub, and was under continual surveillance by Federal agents. Haganah representative Teddy Kollek saw Sinatra at the Copacabana bar and enlisted his help for an undercover operation.

    According to Kollek:
    “I had an Irish ship captain sitting in the port of New York with a ship full of munitions destined for Israel. He had phony bills of lading and was to take the shipment outside the three-mile limit and transfer it on to another ship. But a large sum of money had to be handed over, and I didn’t know how to get it to him. If I walked out the door carrying the cash, the Feds would intercept me and wind up confiscating the munitions.

    “I went downstairs to the bar and Sinatra came over, and we were talking. I don’t know what came over me, but I told him what I was doing in the United States and what my dilemma was. And in the early hours of the following morning I walked out the front door of the building with a satchel, and the Feds followed me. Out the back door went Frank Sinatra, carrying a paper bag filled with cash [estimated at $1 million]. He went down to the pier, handed it over, and watched the ship sail”.


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