Watch: How Will The Federal Reserve React To Continued Public Criticism From President Trump

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After President Trump compares the Federal Reserve to a ‘powerful golfer… who can’t putt,’ the Wall Street Journal’s Aaron Black says ‘noise’ from Trump makes it more likely that the Fed will keep tightening in effort to appear independent.



  1. The Federal Reserve works contrary to the American people and government. It always has and always will. It’s out of control and seems corrupt through and through. The only reason to raise rates at this time is to damage President Trump even if it hurts average Americans. Obama ruined the economy and they dropped interest rates to support him. Trump needs to audit the Federal Reserve and the end it once and for all.

  2. Russian troll above?

    The markets is going down because of global and domestic instability: upcoming Brexit, trade wars, tarrifs, government shutdown, etc. A lot of the source of instability is from Trump himself.

    The Federal Reserve’s job is not to keep the stock market high. Their job is to keep prices and unemployment down. The Fed is slowly raising interest rates, back to a normal rate, because the econony is strong. They don’t set rates based on the President’s direction and fluctuations of the stock market. They set rates based on financial data, independent of politics.


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