Watch: Huckabee Talks Trump’s Views On Gun Rights, Second Amendment

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President Trump met with the NRA after voicing concerns about gun reforms and school safety; Fox News contributor Mike Huckabee weighs in on ‘Sunday Morning Futures.’




  1. Why is Huckabee parroting Fakestream/FBI’s narrative? Doesn’t he know the truth who was behind the murder of 17 students and teachers? There’s not 1 piece of evidence that Cruz shot them, HOWEVER there’s LOADS of evidence that he’s innocent and is the FBI’s scapegoat. For a start, had Cruz been the murderer, the FBI and mainstream wouldn’t have removed all the videos of interviews with students and teachers at the time of the shooting. What are they hiding? The truth!!!

    CNN forgot to remove their own interview with a student who said it was a “code red drill” which means with military, the FBI, Sheriff’s dept and a SWAT team wearing bullet proof armor, helmet and face mask. The shooting started “exactly” a minute after Cruz left the taxi. How was he able in that 1 minute run up to the third floor, grab one of those bullet proof armor and helmet off a SWAT person and start shooting?????

  2. The Code Red “drill” is the reason the Sheriff ordered the 4 cops to stand down. They knew quite well that SWAT team are active and didn’t want the cops to get hurt.


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