Watch: Hundreds Of Students Set World Record For Dreidel Spinning

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Hundreds of New Jersey students set a world record for Chanukah with a dreidel spin-off at Rosenbaum Yeshiva of North Jersey in River Edge. Nearly 1,200 students and faculty worked together to smash the unofficial world record for the most dreidels spinning simultaneously, whirling exactly 1,369 dreidels at one time.

The previous record was set last year, when people at the 2017 National Jamboree’s carnival, called “Jambo-palooza,” spun 965 dreidels.




  1. The children look really zeez. Nothing like Yiddishe kinderlach. When I was a young child growing up out-of-town, I attended such a school.

  2. Tameh -YOU are tameh. These children are precious and excited to do something joyous together with everyone. Just like the principal said. Try loving your fellow Jew as you want to be yourself. We are one people. Perhaps you will join us? A freilichen Chanukah to all Yiddishe kinderlach


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