Watch: Illegally Parked Cars Removed in Yerushalayim



  1. what right do they have to destroy them like this???Oh right ,this is near the Mir Yeshiva in a haredi neighborhood-so haredim don’t have rights!

  2. your headline stating that an illegally parked car was “removed” is a bit understating it, wouldn’t you agree? that car wasn’t “removed” it was crushed and destroyed! are these things legal in israel? i wonder if the car owner has the legal right to sue the city. i think he’s going to have a hard time stating his case.

  3. It looks like it was a specific car that was sitting there unmoved for months. After they remove it you see garbage build up underneath it.

    They probably left notices etc….

    • a. they dont leave notices
      b. after yom tov all the streets are full of garbage – they dont clean garbage on shabbos/yom tov in jerusalem.


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