Watch: Impact Of Loony Left Policies On San Francisco

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  1. AllNewsPipline said it well:
    There Is Something Terribly Wrong With Democrats In 2019: Their Deep Inner Sicknesses Are Revealing Many As Controlled And Inhabited By Demonic Entities

    I admit that Fox News is far short of the real alternative media outlet America needs, but they’re not as bad as the other networks, and Tucker Carlson tells the truth. I and my wife were watching Tucker and his guests the other night, and I noticed that conservatives, in general and with some exceptions, tend to be more physically attractive than leftists.

    Contrast some of the attractive women on Fox with Rachel Madcow and her like, or the shrieking hags on “The View,” or the perpetually enraged leftist women, most of them tattooed and mutilated in some way, who physically assault conservatives, or compare Macho ex-cops and martial artists like Dan Bongino with the girlymen and soy boys on the other networks. More and more I’m beginning to believe that the skin-deep ugliness of leftists is more than it seems, and is, in fact, caused by an inner, spiritual ugliness.

    This inner sickness (along with age and alcohol abuse) seems to be taking its toll on some prominent leftists. There is something terribly wrong with bug-eyed people like the Witch Hillary and the equally bug-eyed Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff. And have we forgotten that the Witch fainted during the campaign, or her other weird lapses, or the mumbling senility of Queen Nancy? And what is with Jerry Nadler’s fainting recently?

    • I don’t disagree with all of your points but unless they are openly evil and hostile please speak with more respect about the elected officials of this country and fellow human beings.

  2. Ann,

    What allnew – sewer writes is embarrassing. The description of all democrats as physically unattractive is insane.

    They need to see a psychiatrist.

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