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We are fortunate to live in a town of chessed, where there’s an organization to assist people in every quandary. When someone is faced with a life-threatening illness, a child with extensive special needs, infertility, poverty, mental illness, or even a house lockout or flat tire, there’s a number to call, a person to help, somewhere to turn. And when the people who are helping others find themselves facing a medical emergency, they turn to Hatzolah.

And Hatzolah never fails to respond. They are there for the community, every second of every day, regardless of what they may be sacrificing to help someone in need. Their critical work is available to everyone, no matter who, what, or when.

That’s what makes Hatzolah of Lakewood THE organization.

Take a moment to enjoy this Incredible story of Hashgacha Pratos, an incredible chain of events… and just another everyday account for the annals of Hatzolah stories.

Join us on July 20, when Hatzolah will host their first large-scale live event for Lakewood, by Lakewood, an opportunity for every Lakewood resident to come out in force, to shake off the passiveness and truly recognize, pay homage to, and support the members of Hatzolah and the dedicated, selfless women who stand behind them.

Hosted by Yossi Zweig, presenter of the Z Report on the Nachum Segal Network, at Gourmet Glatt, The Auction is not your everyday auction – it’s a jam-packed, electrifying live event that you will not want to miss.

The educational, inspiration, and entertaining event will be broadcast live in its entirety on the Voice hotline, Kol Berama 107.9, and all Jewish media outlets.

The Auction is – obviously – a fabulous auction, with opportunities galore to win incredible prizes. With entries of $5, $10, $18, and $25 as well as incredible ticket package deals (with aptly-named discount codes: Dispatcher, offering $75 worth of tickets for $54; EMT, doubling your $100 to $200 of tickets; Paramedic, where $180 buys $400 in tickets; Captain, giving you $600 worth of tickets for $250; and Lifesaver, which transforms $500 donations into a whopping $1,250 of tickets), your contribution may pay untold dividends. Donate at any time by going to or call 732.363.5600 to place an order.

Hatzolah solutes Riverside Abstract and Preferred Healthcare for their continued support of our community’s critical organizations.




  1. Beautiful, uplifting video. Thank you Hatzala members, for saving the lives of so many Yidden so that they can continue to keep mitzvos and thank Hashem.


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