WATCH: In Boro Park, Kasich Says He Likes Yosef Hatzaddik

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During his visit to Boro Park, yesterday, GOP presidential candidate John Kasich, at Eichler’s Judaica, said that he likes Yosef Hatzaddik.

“Do you know who I like?” Kasich asked. “Joseph. You study Joseph? What do you think about Joseph? Did you hear what was the most important thing Joseph said to his brothers? ‘My brothers, you meant it for evil, but G-d meant it for good.’ Did you know that? He may have been a little bit of a bragger. A little bit. Maybe. But they threw him in that ditch, they saved him and then sold him to slavery. And that’s how the Jews got to Egypt. Did you know that? …It is a great story, one of my favorites, because I can’t figure out what Joseph ever did wrong.”


{ / Video courtesy of Jacob Kornbluh}


  1. I watched this and also read an article about this. I found it truly disgusting. He had the audacity to state HE would “teach” the Rabbi Torah. Notice the emphasis he places on the Yoseph story. Also notice the “smugness” he has towards ALL these Jews. HE has to instruct these wayward Jews what Torah really says.

  2. Kasich is very special. He is the only guy walking into the yeshiva society, making sure the yeshiva students are intelligently discussing their own studies and asking the nice people who are yidden to vote for him.

    Give him credit. If he has the future against Hillary, it will be a very interesting debate.

    He is well prepared with his hope and real human favor.

    I can only think that he is a smart guy who knows the bible in a polite sense such as Mr. Roosevelt (T) told us in his day that a good knowledge of the bible is worth all the entire world of entire valued hope.

    So this is a neat video to watch. Kasich is a neat guy and one should wish him well and watch his creative candor of human public amused fate.

    He is a good guy and I will likely watch him in this election.


  3. yes. he has to teach us how to communicate knowledge.
    we teach our children tremendous amount of torah knowledge,
    but unfortunately, we don’t teach them how to communicate it to others not in our communities.
    It seemed to an ordinary guy, that they don’t know simple basics or to explain it.

  4. Believe it or not, many Christians are very well versed in the text. He was in a religious book store surrounded by Chassidim, he wasn’t patronizing them, he was talking about something that was all around him. He isn’t going to start talking about Bava Kama so he spoke about what he knew.

    Frankly, he seemed to know the story

  5. Kasich is not pandering nor is he condescending. The sad reality is that the nice yidden in his company were not any where strong enough to make humor and human commentary on Jewish thought and Torah. They are truly young, but they did not complement Mr. Kasich on his commentary on his bible feelings. A gentile has the fate that he can learn a bit about the jewish people from the bible he might hold in his future. Still, its interesting, Kasich is friendly and I love that he went to a place of jewish interest for orthodox Torah jews.

    He is clearly a good selection for office if you do not like Hillary and he might really be fun too.

    Stand with Israel. Ted Cruz chewing the fat is not as great as Kasich with friends in the book industry. Israel must do its reading.

    Smart photo-op.

    He might even have my vote. We will see.


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