WATCH: Instead of Stopping Rioters, NYPD Keeps Busy Keeping Children Out Of Parks

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  1. Instead of Stopping Rioters, NYPD Keeps Busy Keeping Children Out Of Parks
    Two wrongs don’t make a right. Children don’t belong in parks yet.

  2. This is another reason why citizens HATE these donut eaters. I don’t respect these officers. I spit on them.

    • Youre an idiot. They are given orders. They have a job….! They have bosses…Talk to them if you disagree…

    • KEEP CHILDREN OUT OF PARKS and out of non-protected schools as long as the Invisible Enemy – the Deep State Criminals – out to grab children (since borders are closed) are still around.

  3. The police are not our friends. They are unionised at the taxpayers’ expense, paid by DiBlasio, and their loyalties lie with whoever pays their exorbitant pensions. Don’t be a cop loving fool.

  4. Only us heimisheh have opinions about what everyone else should be doing.
    You just do what’s legal and don’t worry what others have to do especially police and other govt workers. unfortunately we have been raised to beat around the bush and never to follow local laws unless one must (will get fined, jailed etc).

    • Yep, only heimishe. The rest of NY was certainly socially distancing in all the protests and riots that de Blasio supports. I understand. Great point!

    • your name says it all.. you may have been raised in this yoish way but read the first sentence you have written here so eloquently.

    • Please speak for yourself ” us heimish” does not include all the people you think are US HEIMISH.! And if you want to give someone a bad reputation, kindly start with yourself.

    • No that is incorrect. We follow our duly elected Mayor who said we should all practice “civil disobedience” – his words. He told us New Yorkers that he was proud that his own daughter got arrested. He is the Mayor. He is telling us that civil disobedience is now Dina dimalchusa dina. What crime did those normal calm decent people do by taking their children to a park on a gorgeous day? They were not rioting. They were not looting. They were not shouting vile epithets at law enforcement. They were not threatening police officers in any way whatsoever. WHAT WAS THEIR TERRIBLE CRIME??? You are clearly a self-hating Jew, or are a classic paid troll, to bash Orthodox Yidden whenever you can. Shame on YOU.

  5. “Keeping Children Out Of Parks”

    The correct term for the spaces involved as seen in the videos, is playgrounds.

    Parks are large spaces like Prospect Park. Playgrounds are small, local places with swings, etc.


  7. your name says it all.. you may have been raised in this yoish way but read the first sentence you have written here so eloquently.

  8. @FYI: You nust be bored.
    Anyway, txs for the English lesson, since I can’t go to school now.

  9. Twenty five years ago I was sooooo pro police.
    Today I look at them the same way the protesters do. Though for different reasons.

  10. B’Ezras Hashem, I would like to say a parable:

    One day, a very old good friend whom you knew from your earlier days calls you. He relates that with his company downsizing, he lost his job and has had no income for the last several months and was thus forced to use up all his savings to get by. He has now come to your town as he wants settle there and make a new life. As he has no monetary resources though, he is completely unable to put down the large initial minimum sums needed to purchase a house or to even rent an apartment.

    So he tells you that he needs a place to stay for about three weeks to give him enough time to find a job; then, with a new source of steady income, he will be able to get his own place.

    So, wanting to do Tzedaka and Hachnossas Orchim, you happily invite him in, putting your house at his service. At first, everything is great as you and he spend spend many hours chatting about the old times and what happened since. He heavily praises your nice home, your fine furniture, and your exquisite art collection. However, his job-hunting-expedition is getting a pretty slow start. He explains, that, of course, he must first “plan out” his “strategy”; then, he will have to write up a resume. You offer him your computer to work on his resume, but the only “work” he does on it is the computer games! Each morning you give him the local newspaper, which you open to the “Help Wanted” section, but he never looks at it and, instead, turns to the sports and comic pages.

    You excitedly inform him of a new company that just opened and needs employees for many different kinds of tasks; you further relate that several of your friends got great jobs there with good pay and not-overly-long-hours. He though, claims that, that company is not so good and its work is not what he likes. You retort about even more people who were hired and insist that he at least check it out. So, he goes there but then claims that they coldly rejected his application. So, you call one of the people in Personnel whom you know, and he tells you that a counselor had tried to interview your friend, but he was very rude to her and refused to give her basic information about himself.

    By now, it is long past the “three weeks” that your friend initially requested; it is more like six weeks going into seven and eight! Throughout this time, as mentioned above, he is hogging your computer with his leisure games. He is also tying up your phone with endless calls — not to local businesses but — to cronies at his previous company. He is eating up almost all the foodstuffs in your refrigerator and leaving huge messes in your kitchen and dinning rooms. As he rarely leaves the house, you are compelled to stay at home with him through the day, putting your own business on hold.

    Then, one evening, he drops a bombshell as he reveals that his former company is planning to open a branch office in your town and install him as the manager. It is THIS prestigious position of branch office manager that is his goal, and until that occurs, which will not be for at least another six or even eight or nine months, he is not budging from your house!!

    On top of this, you discover that your friend’s former company never “downsized”; instead, he and a few of his friend’s were caught in a huge embezzlement scheme. As it did not want the scandal to blow out into the open, the company — which itself is a very corrupt operation — is (behind the scenes keeping him on the payroll and) quietly moving him and his crew to this new office in your town.

    So, by now, it is more than glaringly clear that, all along, your so-called “friend” never intended to look for any job, most of what he told you were outright lies, and this situation of his had nothing to do with any Tzedaka or Chesed, as, instead, it was just a mean scam to, Chas V’Shalom, suck you out dry!!

  11. (Continuation of my story)

    OK, I said the Moshel – the parable; now, what is the Nimshal – what is the parable referring to?

    We were all told that there is this new gravely dangerous virus, called “Coronavirus” that “somehow” seeped out of a meat market in the Wuhan section of China. It is severely contagious, and a person carrying it will not even know that he is carrying it — and further spreading it — until a couple of weeks later when the illness starts coming out in him. The disease, called “Covid-19,” is quite deadly, with each day bringing reports of increasing numbers of deaths, Lo Alaynu.

    As the epidemic, now a pandemic, spread devastation through countries of Europe and, sooner than later reached our American shores, our governments “took action.” To try to stop the virus from spreading even further, they declared that people must not be near each other! Yes, for three weeks, do not gather together; do not even go out! “Stay in Place!” “Lockdown!”

    In response, we all readily and happily agreed to this. All our Gedolay Torah leaders emphatically instructed us that, as we well know, our Torah HaK’dosha clearly declares that we absolutely must avoid any possible threat to human life. So, just like Hashem commands us to, for example, pray to Him B’Tzibbur – in a congregation, in this situation of Pikuach Nefesh – of a threat to human life, He commands us to NOT pray to Him B’Tzibbur – in a congregation, and, instead, to pray to Him B’Yichidus – individually.

    The lockdown program was vigorously promoted from other angles too. The director of the website “NaturalNews,” a scholarly scientist Mike Adams, gave a brilliant analogy. During World War II, when our nation was in the fight for its life — and, really, the whole world’s life — against the evil Axis assault, our government asked everyone, for example, to please donate whatever leftover materials they had, for these supplies were greatly
    +needed to make the numerous items needed to fight the war: Tents, uniforms, stretchers, tanks, planes, guns, etc. Famous photos of the war show children thus carrying old rubber tires and scrape metal pieces to designated government depots.

    So, Mr. Adams exclaimed that here, in our fight now for our lives against this dangerous virus, our government is not asking us to “donate” anything; instead, it is really asking us to “do nothing”! Just stay home; do not go out! So, we certainly should be able to gladly do that!

    (Im Yirtza Hashem, to be continued)

  12. (B’Ezras Hashem, continuation of my story)

    As we were virtually volunteering to gladly lock ourselves down though, many items began to emerge that were — to use the super cliché: “very interesting.”

    Of this grave disease, the fearful frightening line that we were being told was that there was no known cure for it, at least not yet. However, numerous sources more and more reported about that there absolutely ARE — many — cures for this disease, and a lot of them are staring us right in the face:

    Probably a big number one is to stop eating all the junk food!! A large portion of the modern diet is comprised of endless arrays of sodas and cookies and candies and crackers and cakes and even cereals that are literally saturated with all kinds of harmful synthetic colorings and flavorings and preservatives and stabilizers. Even what are the “food” parts of their ingredients, wheat, corn, oats, rice, potatoes, milk, cheese, cocoa, and sugar,* are so heavily ultra-of-ultra-processed & refined that the amount of nourishment that is still left in them is close to absolute zero. (* The common artificial sugar “substitutes” of “NutraSweet” and “Splenda” are of the most horrific harmful poisons ever formed by the hands of man; any confection containing them is of a hyper-junk-food-realm that is infinitely worse.)

    Even with the “good” foods, pure wheat (e.g., in a good bread), pure oats (e.g. in oatmeal), plain potatoes, pure rice, corn-on-the-cob, peas, carrots, cucumbers, celery, and other fresh vegetables and fresh fruits, there needs to be the realization that, today, they are all grown in the ways of modern agriculture. Growth-in-modern-agriculture has two main features:

    1.) The seeds of the plants are Genetically Engineered, which means that their DNA is changed to give certain different characteristics; they are thus called “GMO’s” – “Genetically Modified Organisms.” This changing the structure of their very essence wreaks their nourishing qualities and reformats them to be newly formed toxins.

    2.) The ground they are planted in and the plants themselves are heavily treated — more correctly, literally drenched — with excessive amounts of numerous synthetic chemicals to ward off insects and weeds. These chemicals, called “pesticides,” are also of the most horrific harmful poisons ever formed by man; they are made TO KILL life!! The claim of the pesticide industry that they harm only the bugs but not people, is blatantly false. The further claim of the industry that “by the time (the food) gets to you,” the pesticides have been all washed off is also profoundly deceptive. For these massively strong poisons are purposely designed to NOT easily wash away but to remain in place; furthermore, they are not only on the surface of the food but seep through the food’s entire thickness.

    So, if almost everyone is continually ingesting residues of these deadly poisons that are clearly documented that they “cause C——,” is it surprising at all that vast numbers of people today are beset with C——??????? If almost all of almost all of everyone’s sustenance is food that has been depleted of almost all of its nourishing qualities, is it surprising at all that vast numbers of people today, with thus greatly weakened physiology, get repeatedly hit with all kinds of Strep infections and ear infections and Pneumonia infections and, yes, Covid-19 infections???????

    I elaborated on this point at very great length because it is really crucial to the entire issue. For a moment, please imagine that the entire GMO production is totally obliterated; yes, all the GMO’ed plants and animals and fish throughout the world are all completely removed. Please further imagine that the entire synthetic pesticide industry is totally annihilated; all its factories and all its products, including all its “RoundUps,” weed killers, herbicides, fungicides, miticides, insecticides, are all completely destroyed. And, throughout the world, wherever pesticides had been applied, on the fields, in the gardens, on the sidewalks, in the houses, in the school buildings, in the office towers, all those applied pesticide vapors and residues of those vapors, are all completely gone; not even ONE MOLECULE of poison is left!!

    Thus, an apple is an apple, an orange is an orange, a carrot is a carrot, a cucumber is a cucumber, a cup of milk is a cup of milk, a slice of cheese is a slice of cheese, a salmon fish is a salmon fish, a tuna fish is a tuna fish, a chicken is a chicken, a turkey is a turkey, a brisket of beef is a brisket of beef, and a leg of lamb is a leg of lamb!! There is no need for any certification of being “organic,” for now, ALL food IS automatically organic.

    So, what everyone eats ARE good wholesome nourishing nutrient filled meals. And, if what everyone is eating is good and wholesome, it is reasonable to expect that THEIR HEALTH too will be good and wholesome. The terrible deadly diseases that are currently plaguing the world — including C——, including this Covid-19, including ear infections, including Diabetes, including Alzheimer’s, including ADHD, including other mental problems — would all be very greatly lessened and in many instances, even completely non-existent.

    Of course, this good scenario will be the scenario of the wonderful life after Bee’as Goel Tzedek, Bimhayra B’Yamaynu, Amein!!

    Until then though, it looks like, very unfortunately, the current bad toxic scenario will be the scenario. So, in all the countless calls and requests and directives and executive orders and strict regulations for “Lockdowns” and “Stay-in-Place” and “6-Feet Social Distancing,” there was NOT EVEN ONE suggestion for people to try to eat a little bit better!! On the contrary, we can well assume that during the endless days of children being locked down and tightly cooped up in their homes, they ate up huge amounts more of the cookies and candies in their kitchen draws & cupboards than they would have had they been out of their houses at school or in the parks.


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