Watch: Internet Captivated By Mind-Bending Optical Illusion Of Man Throwing Ball Through Mirror

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The internet has been stunned by a mind-bending optical illusion where a man bounces a ball to and from himself using a mirror.

The viral video shows Kevin Parry from Oregon throwing a ball to himself sparking debate online how it can be possible, the Daily Mail reports.

The mesmerising footage begins with Kevin wearing a white shirt in the bathroom at his family home in Portland, Oregon. He grips a green bouncy ball in one hand while filming himself in the mirror with his phone. Then for an enthralling trick Kevin throws the ball against the mirror and films as his reflection catches it. The illusion is created that he is bouncing the ball to and from himself in a parallel universe.

Online commenters are unable to offer any kind of explanation about how the trick works.





  1. At about the ten-second mark, when the mirror image is throwing the ball back, freeze the video. If you get it just right (when the ball is just to the left of center-screen), you can clearly see where an edit was done as a crescent-shaped chunk is missing from the forearm of the throwing hand, where a circular object (presumably the reflection of the thrown ball) was edited out.

  2. Of course its a mirror! He alternates showing the mirror image when he catches the ball and then just him catching the ball giving a perfect perception of the ball being thrown thru the mirror. Ingenious indeed.

  3. It’s clearly two different people- you see the throwing hand wearing a ring and the guy in the mirror is not. That’s why when the camera pans back to the hand it brings the camera all the way down so you can’t see the reflection of the thrower when he steps into view.

  4. If you look to the left (to the right of the sink) there is a silver soap dispenser without a mirror image. It is clear that there’s no mirror. The person taking the video is not the person you see (he actually is not even moving his camera to follow the ball!

  5. Its the same person and its just edited as many people have noted. The guy in the mirror is also wearing a ring. Slow the video down to .25 speed on the settings button and you’ll see after he throws it back the glint of a ring. Ayin Sham.

  6. The catching hand is wearing a ring. We can’t tell if the man in the “mirror” is wearing one or not. He is described elsewhere as a stop-motion animator, so either this is being done by two people, or he filmed himself throwing, then catching, and then edited together. His expression doesn’t change throughout so he could be looping the two shots endlessly.

  7. I believe this video is heavily edited. Look at the weird bounce the ball takes when it comes back towards the camera. That isn’t natural

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