Watch: Is Trump Wasting Time On Immigrant Welfare

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Tucker takes on one immigration attorney who says Trump’s efforts to prevent immigrants from living off welfare for 5 years an attempt to separate more families and get them to self-deport and a waste of time since it is already the law of the land.



  1. let’s first get one thing clear: Trump is not “wasting time” on anything. look at all that he has done since becoming President. he has probably done more in these first few months of his Presidency than our last so-called leader, BHO has done in all his eight years! if anyone is “wasting time”, it’s the Democrats who are continuing to put stumbling blocks in everything the President tries to do and it’s also the Democrats who are coming up with all these “conspiracy theories” and “russian collusion” charges which are being proven, one after the other, to be false and without merit. so now, tell me, who is really “wasting time”?


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