Watch: Is Trump’s Syria Policy Creating A Split Between His ‘America First’ Base And Traditionally Hawkish?


Some pundits say Trump’s decision to withdraw U.S. troops from Syria presents a political risk to the president; reaction and analysis from the ‘Fox News @ Night’ Power Panel.



  1. USA presence in Syria is a holdover of the Obama administration that was trying to make Iran an ally against ISIS. this did not allow the Israelis from attacking Hezbollah which is aligned with Iran. Now that the USA is out of the way, Israel is free to restrain Hezbollah. The Kurds might be abandoned but they have a choice. Align with Russia against Turkey and ISIS, or get some help from Israel. It’s very complicated. And by the way, Mattis was no friend of Israel, so it’s good that he’s gone

  2. Trump’s Syria policy is a message to the Deep State who were in control there with Obama’s supporting of ISIS with weapons and millions of dollars.


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