Watch: Ishay Ribo – Seder Ha’Avoda



  1. Words I wrote after attending the concert of this giant neshama:

    Six thousand people of all ages, backgrounds, and affiliations. Six thousand Jews, some “frum”, many of them not yet “frum”. Six thousand candles, kindled with the dancing flame of emunah. Six thousand souls sitting together and learning about hisbodedus, singing words of teshuvah, answering a thunderous “amen” to berachos, pouring out their hearts in prayer before the Master of the world, our Father in heaven Who has packed the human soul with more power than it can ever dare to imagine.

    This is a mere whisper of what I witnessed tonight, with tears streaming down my face, at the Sultan’s Pool concert performed by a Jew whose sweetness and sincerity has touched the heart of millions around the world, ישי ריבו – Ishay Ribo. Kippa on his head, tzitzis flying out from beneath his untucked shirt, and the name of Hashem on his lips, Yishai Ribo is a living kiddush Hashem. His ability to bridge the widest gulfs in an incredibly polarized society with his unassuming smile and songs that embody the essence of musical brilliance is entirely unparalleled. During the show, he proclaimed, “This is a portion of the geulah!” And I believe he is one million percent correct. The content of his songs, the stories behind them, and – most importantly – the shining soul they happened to who felt compelled to put them to music, reflect everything that is healthy, deep, real, beautiful, and joyous about being an oveid Hashem. Every note of his music brings healing to the world.

    I have never met Yishai, although I hope to someday. But I want to publically thank him for fortifying my belief that we are mere moments away from Moshiach’s arrival, that the power of the Jewish soul is limitless, and that it is time “lashuv habaita”, to return home to our Father in heaven, who is endlessly “mochel v’soleach”, waiting for His children to return to His outstretched arms.


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