Watch: Israel Approves Compensation For Yemenite Children Affair

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  1. What a liar….
    They kidnapped and shmaded them up and gave them up for adoption.
    I can’t believe matzav puts up this video without showing the other side.

    • like the zionists needed to kidnap babies to shmad up?? people were leaving religion in those years like moths to a flame!
      what happened here was parents not being informed where their children were buried. because it was utter choas administratoring care. the death rate for the babies in Yemen in those years was 50 percent. the government is admiting it messed up but not in the way you think. they messed up handling immigrants. not some large conspiracy to kidnap babies.

      • you are arguing proven facts. Please do NOT downplay it. Do you have one Yemenite friend who by some neis was saved from this terrible terrible crime??? If not, then don’t spew your own conspiracies. This saga has sparked huge curiousity in me for many years and I have two friends with two different family stories but very similar. The first comment here has a lot of truth… There’s a lot that happened then. With the whole DNA age right now, slowly people are starting to find their way back and that is part of the fear and reason the govt is giving the fight up. The last Israeli dignitary ( forgot his name) that died a few years ago knew a lot and took a lot to his grave but the truth was hidden yet known by those that knew.. And it’s all true.

  2. Such falsehoods and official denials, it was difficult to listen to this man talking
    People were told their children died, and the officials couldn’t tell them where they were buried??
    One father went to the building were the sick children were, and asked where is his son. The man gave some answer, the father grabbed him and said, I will beat your brains out if you don’t tell me. The man told him which building the son is in. The man walked outside the building, knocked at each window, until his son answered. Then the son jumped out the window and they went home.

  3. terrible tragedy, to lose a child, and there were hundreds if not thousands of families that mourned their missing children for many years. The details are in the government archives, but access is very restricted.

      • You seem to be paid by the Israeli government. Trust me, the Yemenite children was not the only grave Avla the Israeli government did. There are plenty of stories; bloodshed and crime that happened so they set the govt up.. There’s a reason why this govt will never stand on two solid feet; they are shlepping us to elections in a few weeks again. It will never be stable; it was built on nothing that should bring them zchusim to last.

  4. This lying evil doctor deserves a few good slaps across his face. Mr. Levitan, if what you’re saying is true, why did you have to murder Rabbi Uzi Meshulam HY”D for leading the probe on the over 5,000 kidnapped Yemenite children? What were you afraid of? And don’t tell me the Zionists didn’t murder him?

    Hospitals in Israel are as dangerous today as they were then when the Yemenite children immigrated to Israel between 1948 and 1954.


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