WATCH: Israeli Police Arrest Man For Not Wearing Mask At Ohr Hachaim Hakadosh’s Kever

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    • Galus under the Zionists is our last galus. May we merit the coming of Moshiach very soon אמן.

  1. By not wearing a mask he may murder someone or many if he contracts the chinese virus. Our Yidden are not above the law. We should follow the law and keep everyone safe.

  2. Bottom line. The BLM and Israeli police should live in one part of the world fighting each other. And the men in blue/ american police should be in israel; they are much more ethical….

  3. He can easily claim that one is not allowed to pray with a mask on since one has to see himself as standing before a King with respect, fear and honor.

    • based on that logic, shuls should not require its mispallelim to wear masks during davening, yet that is exactly what ALL shuls are doing nowadays. kavod H-shem does not override pikuach nefesh

  4. Did anyone pay it? Hope not. Let them keep dragging the payment until the caroney baloney will end and then dispute it.


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