Watch: Israeli Police Chase People Out of the Zichron Moshe Shul in Yerushalayim in Social Distancing Crackdown




    • first of all, you wouldnt want the Malachim to say that about your aveiros after 120 right?
      second, the problem is not them, it is the fact that they spread it.
      Third, i feel it important to point out, that although we are obviously hyper focused on our own community, or our brother communities, the truth is that there are breakdowns of social distancing among all walks of life, a brooklyn bar was chased away by police just monday. I’m sure that in secular Israel there are similar issues. While that doesnt excuse anyone, the hyper focus on this community is disingenuous.

  1. Hashem created fools and idiots too. Those who gather in Shuls or in homes or even in back yards because they prioritize “being there” rather than “doing the safe thing” are just that, fools and idiots.

  2. I always wondered how in mitzraim there was a fifth that didn’t leave. All the yidden then were frum yidden. They all saw the miracles Moshe Rabbinu did. I guess even then you had people who think they know better and just don’t follow the rules. Hashem should help we should merit the geula shelama.

  3. Miriam Altman:
    You are misguided. Children need a father – even a stupid one. And the women who married these men, need husbands.

    Everyone else:
    These people are not following the directives of the gedoilei harabbanim. They are not on the internet and don’t have communication with the world. They may honestly not even have a clue. Don’t curse them. The world relies on their Torah – they just need to be told, as they are being now.

    Backyard minyanim guy:
    In Israel, some rabbanim maintain that it is okay if the rules of social distancing are followed. You can’t argue with them – they are the law whether you agree/understand or not.

  4. So sad.
    For many of these people , this is their home .
    Anyone who has spent time in der heiligeh Zichron Moshe shul knows that many of these people have no source of any sipuk other than what goes on there .
    I would only imagine the scene if the police were to cut screentime for many people . As good of intention there might be it would still hurt .
    How much more so here
    Yehi ratzon shyishma HaShem leKol Techinoseinu

  5. Chase them out???? Why????

    That is not going to stop them.

    Arrest them and destroy their homes, as the IDF does with other murderers.

  6. I’m sorry to even have to write this but when I see scenes like this I despair. How is moshiach ever going to come when this is going on? The apparent hatred that is felt between the 2 sides in this video means that we haven’t improved our sinas chinam much if at all in the last 2000 years. It’s almost sadder than the actual virus.

    • While it’s true that there are a lot of problems and frictions between religious and secular Jews in Israel, I don’t think there is hate in this video. There isn’t any indication of violence here. and Israeli’s do tend to shout. After all, it’s a mediterranean country. These religious people, however, are just as irresponsible as the youth who thinks that it’s invincible to the virus. I fear that both groups will pay a dear price for their irresponsible actions.

  7. I think it’s more a physiology thing. Because you told me no, I’m davka going to do it. Even if they realize it’s dangerous they might still do it to show, you’re not going to boss me around. Who are you? Authority? I won’t be pushed around by authority. Of course it makes no sense, but I think that might be the one the reasons for some. A kavod/self-esteem zach.
    What do you think?


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