Watch: Israeli Tourist Captures Scene Of Chinese Mall Vendors Totally Addicted To Their Cell Phones

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  1. Not everyone on a phone is there for entertainment. You can make purchase orders and process sales, you can look up driving directions. You can even learn Torah. Phone is just a tool. When a movable printing press was invented in 15th century, there were some non-kosher books printed out. Fortunately, no one had an idea to be “machmir” and to declare printing press non-kosher.

  2. Actually, the funny thing is that the videographer is actually one of “those” who is glued to their phones. Instead of just getting a good laugh and move on, he, like all the iPhone addicts do, started recording. I once saw a sign which read “in case of fire, don’t pull out your phone to record, rather head safely to the nearest exit”. It’s crazy how these days you actually need such instructions to be said. And to take it one step further, I myself can be classified as a phone addict, by needing to comment on every news clip. And so too all you that are reading matzav and every dumb comment people are posting, are aboard with us in the same sinking boat. The bottom line is, we all need to get more meaningful lives.

  3. What exactly should these Chinese vendors do when there are no customers? It’s not as if they’re Torah Jews who are should be learning Torah at every spare moment.

  4. I would like to know if the tourist who took this video works / studies as many hours per week and per year as the Chinese people do. By the way, a cellphone can be used for work or education (may I say it SHOULD be used for such constructive purposes).


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