Watch: Israel’s Kosher Cheeseburger

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  1. This is disgusting, is everything about not being Jewish as much as god will let? Thanks for putting on a kipah for your marketing scheme, I’m sure god is applauding

      • Or cream in your coffee
        Or Marshmallows – most gelatin is derived from pork or pork skin, do we really need to make it out of fish just to satisfy our tayvois?
        Or pareve Oreos – what was more symbolic of treif than oreos! If Hydrox was good enough for our Zaydes who are we to change?
        Margarine – seems wrong to bake with that, its a butter substitute, we didn’t have that in Europe. if its milchigs, it should stay milchigs!
        What about Dunkin Donuts – that looks so Treif, don’t they do a ham and egg?
        Sushi -what’s wrong with Gefilte Fish, our Bubbes didn’t need no stinkin Japanese style fish

      • 30 years ago Mozzarella was just assumed verboten, now its disgusting that these Kippa wearing Jews are sprinkling it on our Pizzas!
        Our ancestors in the ghettos were satisfied with a slice of Millers on a bagel with some ketchup – now we need this goyishe-style Pizza with non-kosher looking cheese on every block in brooklyn?
        Don’t they know that mozzarell is supposed to be made with treif buffalo milk!

        • Or Coffee Creamer
          Or parave oreos – that so looks wrong! My Zeydes ate only hydrox on the Lower East Side when they got off the boat from Ellis Island! why sort of mishugas is this to eat the epitome of waspy-ness – the oreo, and in so many different flavors!
          How about those fish-bone based marshmallows – do we really need those on Lag B’omer?? Kogel – more like NO!Gel, its clearly supposed to be made out of treif pork skins!
          Or margarine – if its milchig, its milchig, don’t try and make something parave, chas v’shalom!
          Sushi! don’t get me started with that Japanese import. My bubbe ate gefilte fish, that was good enough for me!

  2. Seems to be a standard מראית העין problem & although the store might be known for it, so it’s like a heker. R’ Akiva Eiger holds it does not work (as the Heker must be within the item itself (like scales in a cup of blood), not a note or anything else).

  3. Pareve ice dessert was originally a maris ayin issue. In those days, the dessert was based on almond (milk?). The minhag was to put a few almonds on the dessert dish to identify it as pareve, not dairy. Today, everyone expects parve desserts, and the almonds are not necessary.

    Parve cheese has also become mainstream. Several of my family are lactose intolerant, and we use a significant amount of parve cheese. I’m not certain whether a heker is required for a “cheese”-burger, any more than it would be needed for grilled (dairy!) veggie-burgers at the breakfast table.

  4. It might be Halachicly “kosher” but it’s not in the spirit of Torah. si mamesh paast nished. Why try to be and eat like the goyim? Are we lacking in our food options? Has eating become an avoda bifnei atzmah? Has there EVER been a gadol bi’yisroel that became that way by fressing goyishe maachalim, his way to the top?

  5. In 1957 I was in Chicago and accidentally was given a cheeseburger. After 6 or 7 bites I knew that I had made a mistake. I later took a bus to a different neighborhood. I had my shoes repaired and they were as good as new.

  6. We dont have enough chazerei…we need to copy every goyish thing…how sad. Sane with Pesach. Chas vesholom you teach kids to be disciplined…pizza f Pesach L’man Hashem. When will it end?


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