Watch: Jersey City Police Officers Thank Talmidim Of The Talmud Torah For Remaining Calm During The Lockdown

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  1. I like that principal or Rebbe that was translating for the kinderlach. Very enthusiastic. I also like the way he translated “happy holiday” into ah freilichen Chanukah. The loud Thank You at the end brought tears to my eyes. What a true Kiddush Hashem!

    • Your comment in it of itself is anti semitic. Have you called 311 recently? After the alternate sides update, you will hear English as first choice, then Spanish, then Russian, then Chinese, then French. Call right now and listen. Yet, haters like you only have a problem with Yidden who speak Yiddish. These kids are very young. They will all speak English by the time they become teenager’s. You aught to be ashamed of yourself. Why don’t you go back to your sushi & steaks? Now I realize why you’re still single.

    • Fist of all, for someone being so critical, you should be aware that the correct way to write your statement would be “need someone to translate simple English for them”.
      Furthermore, though i agree with your sentiment, don’t be so ashamed at the lack of ‘assimilation’. Specifically in todays ‘diverse’ climate.

    • The shame is rather that you haven’t learned what Chillul Hashem is. Its not between the gentiles and jews! How about you brush up on your own “LANGUAGE”/ knowledge before you worry about others

  2. Moish…..David….There is enough hate! The world cannot possibly tolerate anymore. Please look at the beauty; as an experienced licensed educator I watch this video in complete awe. These are children who were locked in a school building listening to gun fire for hours, led by adults who were probably quite aware that a tragedy was unfolding around them. Yet the warmth, serenity, sincerity, gratitude and simple faith pour straight from this video. It literally brought tears to my eyes. Hashem, mi kaamcha yisrael- Who is like your people yisroel!
    And just one clarification, kiddush Hashem does not mean we present to the world what they expect us to be. It means we show the world the beauty of the way Hashem wants us to live. I don’t necessarily agree that a limited secular education is what He wants. But I know that is what they believe, and I respect their way of life. You should too! May we all only hear better news.

  3. In answer to David:
    Because, to many “Chareidim” the English language is a “Treif & “Goyishe” language. Whereas, ‘Yiddishe’ is ‘ Ah Yiddishe Shprach (language)’. When will they realize that “Yiddish”, in essence, is an adulteration of the German language; interspersed with Polish, Russian, Hebrew, etc. This occurred & evolved over the millennia of Our “Golus”.
    AND, let’s not forget, that Rambam, Saadia Gaon, Rabbenu Bachya ibn Pekuda, & many more of our “Rishonim” wrote their great “Seforim” & Torah commentaries, in Arabic, Not, in the “Yiddishe Shprach”; or, for that matter, in classical Hebrew.
    Hence, unfortunately, a segment of our Jewish population, here, in the U.S. of A, is growing up, unable to properly communicate in everyday English.
    And, I regret to point out, this fact can be seen, “here & there”, in the comments posted on ‘

  4. It’s amazing how people are so willing to bend the truth.
    The options for other languages are for immigrants. There’s no other community in America where the children of immigrants also don’t speak English.
    I’d love for you to find me 1 Hispanic, Asian, Arab, etc. 13 year old kid whose parents came here that doesn’t speak English.
    Even the Amish teach their kids proper English.
    As to them knowing English when their teenagers, that’s simply not true. Go to Monroe or Williamsburg and see for yourself.
    I once got lost in Monroe. I asked some teenagers for directions. The only sentence they knew in English was, “Are you Jewish?” This was to 4 guys wearing suits and yarmulkas.

    • You’re full of it. Story never happened. Just because you are a cop-out who went off the derech, it doesn’t mean you have to spew your hatred for those that follow in the Torah’s ways.


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