Watch: Jewish News Channel: How To Get More Dates For Your Daughter

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Here are tips and strategies to stay at the top of a shadchan‘s mind, without being pushy or annoying. These ideas can help you get more shidduch dates for your daughter without a ton of effort.

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  1. Nice changing table. We had a similar one for years before the hinges broke. Is he speaking from his hallway? There are at least 3 doors in the background.

  2. He is on to an important topic. But we all know money talks when it comes to marrying off our beautiful and talented bnos yisroel! It may not be fair but you can’t fight City Hall!
    My recommendation is just keep on asking, checking, emailing, asking and asking again. You can’t be shy about this when it comes to your daughter’s future. Time passes quickly. Widen your resources. Go out of your neighborhood/community shadchans. Be brave. Nowadays there’s BH a frum world out there. Hatzlacha to everyone seeking and success and brocha to the newscaster for bringing us this important and helpful message!

  3. Eidelkeit is one of those things that are very subtle. Those who have eidele neshamos know when something lacks eidelkeit.
    V’hameivin yovin…

  4. Thanks for the feedback everybody! We’re glad you like our state-of-the-art studio with 3 doors in the background. About that shot of whiskey–we don’t condone reckless use of alcohol.

    And Hedy–thank you for your astute comments! You’re right, money can certainly be a big factor in the shidduch world, but I’ve seen people without a lot of money get great boys for their daughter. I’m trying to offer advice to level the playing field, which you seem to reaffirm. Much appreciated!

    • Thanx.
      Who are you? What is your name? What is your background? Rebbeim? Experience? If you’re dishing out advice which might be very practical, can’t we know who we are hearing it from?

  5. As an active shaddchan in the frum community, what works to get a shaddchans attention is to either to pay per date or at the very least when the shaddchan sets a couple up,compensate with money.The very worst thing to do is after a shidduch ends and the shaddchan has put in countless hours round the clock, is to just mumble a thank you a quick”hatzlocho rabbah”.


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