Watch: Joe Biden Says President Trump Is First Racist US President

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  1. First of all, racism is only against blacks but blacks are allowed to hate whites and kill whites because the liberal loonies said they’re not racists…
    Secondly, President Trump has more blacks voting for him than for any other president.
    Thirdly, you’re not oiver an aveirah being a racist.

  2. The clone is programmed to say is that Trump is the first President that the racists, the blacks, are voting for in droves.

  3. DEMOCRAT WOODROW WILSON WAS A VOCAL SUPPORTER OF THE KKK!!! and it was much more active and violent in those days (i guess oppression of blacks isn’t racist if the democrat party supported it at the time! same way oppression of whites now is not racist because leftists support it.

  4. It doesn’t matter if what he says is true or not. The left figured this out. You say a lie or narrative enough times, it becomes the truth. Learn from the “Palestinian People “

  5. He’s giving Thomas Jefferson a pass. The liberals aint gonna like that. But he’s going after Trump so it’s all good.

  6. In case anyone thought that at least the frum community sees through the lies of Joe Biden and the Left. I hate to break the news that we are beginning to see mainstream media caving in to the lies: Pay attention to the article written in a frum Magazine showing how good Joe Biden really can be. I apologize in advance if reading the article will make you nauseous.


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