Watch: Jokester Asks Newly Engaged MK Glick For Chosson Cigarettes One Day After He Passes Anti Smoking Bill

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MK Yehudah Glick, who just announced his engagement this morning, was asked if he’s giving out chosson Cigarettes.

In response Glick said his chosson cigarettes are being given straight into the garbage.

“The biggest wedding present for me would be for anyone to quit smoking,” he said.


The joking exchange comes one day after Glick passed his bill banning cigarette advertising  at the Knesset.




  1. Every Chosson and Kallah must do Tshuvah before their Chasunah.

    As one who regularly visits the Har HaBayis — in spite of the warnings from Gedolei Yisrael of the generations that it is forbidden — MK Glick should immediately resolve to cease and desist !

    As a potential leading Baal Tshuvah, he sould actively encourage others to do likewise.


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