Watch: Jonathan Pollard Welcomed At Merkaz Harav Yeshiva’s Yom Yerushalayim Celebration As Avraham Fried Sings ‘Am Yisroel Chai’

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  1. Agreed. Only this time; so far. Don’t get your hopes up ‘my friend’ (??); old man. Lol.
    Jonathan Pollard, G-D bless him took a nasty & dirty ‘fall’.
    But, with the merciful help of the “Big Guy” Upstairs”, he prevailed.

    • Pedo 3:24, finish up your thought: how did Pollard end up taking the “nasty fall”? The answer is it was the higher-ups in the Israeli government who provided every single damning evidence to the US prosecutors. Without this evidence there wouldn’t have been a case against Pollard, and consequently Pollard would not have been imprisoned for decades. The judenrat elites sold out Pollard. The same judenrat elites usurped the power in Israel and refuse to actually destroy the murderous islamonazi enemy, thereby selling out all of the Am Yisroel. Instead, the elites are playing a short term bandaid game, making lots of noise but doing nothing to wipe out the islamonazi enemy long term. Neville Chamberlain may have been a naive idiot, but the judenrat elites are not stupid – they are treasonous.

  2. You finished??
    Still doesn’t negate the fact that Jonathan Pollard was ‘Thrown Under the Bus’. Nor matter who was responsible; Jew or non-Jew. Both are culpable in this affair.

    • Pedo 5:44, why would think that I disagree about Pollard being thrown under the bus? Obviously, he was. By both sides: the Israeli judenrat elites, and by the American intelligence establishment using Pollard as both a scapegoat for the Ames’ mess and as a general warning to the American Jews not to be too pro Israel. However, we can not change any goyishe power structures, but we have a chance to change our own – providing we obtain a diagnosis first. You know what happens when you go with Hillary’s “what difference does it make” routine? You don’t learn any lessons, therefore you are bound to repeat the same fiascos. The judenrat elites who betrayed Pollard and the rest of Am Yisroel have to be named, ridiculed, and if possible prosecuted. Perhaps even go so far as dragging out any dead major traitors out of their graves and discarding their bones in filthy garbage dumps, but admittedly this is extreme. If you refuse to acknowledge our own traitors, don’t complain when you end up in some kind of Twilight Zone nightmare.


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