Watch: Kalman Yeger: As the Governor Said, Local Government Will Decide On The Opening of Parks

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  1. I suggest the ones opening the parks should post a sign that this is being done lezecher nishmas Floyd. The leftist politicians and the MSM will shower praises and support.

    • Si why is Floyd Bennet Field closed to the taxpayers? What police activity are they hiding from us?

  2. Please stop already!

    We are not like the protestors! This is not our way.

    The pirsum given to this yokel led to the “protest” of scores of bored kids. Suddenly, they had the chutzpah to chant and block the streets. Who taught them this is acceptable behavior for yidden?

    • it doesnt matter its 100 percent legal. Cuomo said it’s up to the local government. that’s Councilman Kalmen Yeager so it’s a moot point

  3. I have no way to describe my pure hate for de blasio h’es a racist an anti Semite an idiot a hypocrite he’s dumb,
    clueless as a politician and sick in the head, (best thing is the whole New York agrees with me, he must feel like a real loser.!!!

  4. Kalman Yeger is not “local government”, a city councilman is a legislator, not like the Mayor who is an executive elected official.

    Maybe Yeger should go back to elementary school to learn civics.

    • Civics 101. City council are elected officials and they are charged with creating ordinances to keep the city functioning. They may be legislative, but they are elected representatives of the city. The Mayor may be the executive, but he follows the laws created by the City Council. He is charged with enforcing those laws and ordinances. Both groups are subject to the law.


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