MATZAV REPOST: Plus Update – Watch: Kids In Cheder Learning To Administer First Aid

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Help Complete His Research!

The teacher you see in the clip below is conducting research on parenting, alcohol use, and academic achievement. If you are interested in my study, please click on the link below to begin.    

Together! We can raise more solid community awareness to a global problem that has gained an unfortunate grip within our United States Jewish community.

Can parents DRIVE their Children towards Alcohol use? Is there anything we can do to prevent furthering this crisis?

If you are Male or Female between the ages of 19 – 27, simply click on the link below to make a difference.

For further questions, feel free to contact me directly.

Please Forward To All WhatsApp Groups.  Thank you. Tizke L’ Mitzvos!


Naftali (Thomas) Gross, PhD Candidate –

Clinical Psychology, Specializing In Treatment Of Anxiety Disorders, Parenting Enhancement & Challenging Behavior In Children and Adults



  1. Real smart! Who knows how many people these young tzadikim will save. I also love the way he answers with so much confidence. Kudos to this teacher!

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