Watch: Kornblue Production ft. Menachem Moskowitz, Zemiros

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A collaboration featuring the music of Kornblue Music and Band accompanied by lead vocalist Menachem Moskowitz, & choir by the Zemiros Group.

This stellar performance consists of some of the greatest, recent Jewish Music hits, as well as some old-time renowned classics. A performance you do not want to miss!

Songs featured in this video:
Bentch – בענטש
by Tzvi Silberstein
Composed by Yitzy Waldner

Areivim – ערבים
by Yoely Falkowitz
Composed by Yossi Green

Oid Oid – עוד עוד
by Sruly Williger
Composed by Eli Laufer/Avraham Fried

Venizkeh – ונזכה
by Mordechai Ben David
Composed by Yitzchok Ris

Ani Maamin – אני מאמין
by Shulem Lemmer
Composed by Pinky Weber

Watch, enjoy and share!

Concept, Production and Music Arranged by Yitzchok Korbluh – Kornblue Productions
Sung by: Menachem Moskowitz
Choir: Zemiros Group – Arranged by Yoily Polatseck

A very special thank you to the following people who worked hard to ensure the success of this production:

Live Sound: BH Audio
Live Engineering: Yidy Holczler
Mix: Avrumi Berko
Video & Editing: Motty Engel
Thumbnail: Yoily Polatseck
Stage Manager: Gedalya Weiser
Stage Lighting: GW Lighting

Keyboard: Yitzchok Korbluh
Trumpet: Justin Mullens
Guitar: Yanky Katina
Sax: Eitan Gofman


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