Watch: Kosher Salad Found to Be Not-So-Kosher

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By Rabbi Yair Hoffman for the Five Towns Jewish Times

A salad was purchased in the heart of a major frum community in the NY metropolitan area. The establishment from which it was purchased has a Heimishe hashgacha and a mashgiach checking the lettuce. But if you see what is inside, you won’t be happy. The salad, made mostly of Romaine Lettuce, is filled with thrips.

Thrips are minute, slender insects with fringed wings and are also most definitively – non-kosher.

Thrips are generally tiny (1 mm long or less) and are not good flyers, although they can be carried long distances by the wind. They are nira la’ainayim. In the right conditions, like indoor growing rooms or greenhouses, many species can exponentially increase in population size and form large swarms because of a lack of natural predators, making them an irritation to humans.

The take home lesson? Consumers should be on top of hechserim to make sure that everyone is doing their job.




  1. I’m sorry. Unless you go full disclosure and show the purchase and name names including showing the person doing the checking and the store, this means nothing. Why should I believe this isn’t a set up for some reason.

  2. Such stupidity! Howmany bugs are eaten in daily activities or also while sleeping? Nothing will be bug free. Our ancestors didn’t magnify thier vegetables. And spend 2 hours cleaning them either. Apparently krumkiet for the win again!

  3. What’s with the music in the background? What is this? A movie? Am I allowed to watch this? Will this have a bad hashba’ah on me?

  4. We get what we deserve. An article about a questionable hashgacha, but he won’t name it. Oh wait, that’s Loshon Horah. In a couple of days we’ll move on to another story.

  5. after watching this video my heart dropped! so what are we supposed to do? are you going to tell me that all hechsherim, if they’re good, will go to the trouble of using the mesh? if you are telling me that, then i have a bridge to sell you. if the hechsherim people actually go to the trouble of using that mesh, they would have to triple the price of this salad; and rightfully so. but who’s going to buy it at that price? listen, there is no Torah obligation to eat salad. so why don’t the powers that be temporarily outlaw salad until we can find a more economical way of checking these leaves?

  6. When you use any food product, you do your best. That means that infested food are more suspect. Don’t eat them unless you k n o w that they’ve been properly checked. Ask for lettuce-free salad, or like they do here in Yerusholayim, only special insect-free vegetables on any product with mehadrin Jerusalem Rabbinate hechsher.

  7. The salad was already allegedly washed and checked by the hechsher. The first commentator here seems to have forgotten or overlooked that point.

    We know this has been a major problem for years.

    In some establishments, they don’t even check, they just wash.

  8. I wish Rabbi Hoffman would respond to the above comments questioning the legitimacy of the video and what it’s real true agenda is.
    And then you people denigrate us when we eat chalav stam and paas akum.

  9. What Rabbi Hoffman did was not complicated and is easily done by any person in this generation or previous. It clearly wasn’t done by the mashgiach in this case and all of the kvetching and justifying doesn’t get rid of the horrible avaira of tolaim. So stop complaining and find a way to avoid it as if you were eating poison which you are.
    As far as hilchos loshon hora, again, rabbi Hoffman is correct. He is not responsible to deliver the name of that establishment, he has certainly notified them. And if you don’t like that he’s presenting this with music then go ahead and eat bugs.


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