Watch: Krauthammer On Fallout From DNC Document Dump

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Syndicated columnist and Fox News contributor Charles Krauthammer weighs in.




  1. Charles Krauthammer is a very astute commentator. But in this case, I think he went off in the wrong direction. He spoke about the Russian connection, which may or may not be true and accurate and skirted the issue of the substance of the email evidence against Hillary and the upper echelon of the DNC. He was completely sidetracked by the possible connection to Russia.

    Note: I saw Mr. Krauthammer at the convention. There is no love lost between him and Donald Trump. During the primary, Trump made some unflattering remarks about Krauthammer and his disability.

  2. LOL at Krauthammer’s self-described “Freudian slip” where he confused Putin and Trump.

    As much as Republicans are gloating over the embarrassment the leak of Democratic emails caused, I’m 100% certain there are plenty of skeletons in their email closets, too. Politics is about as dirty a game as there is, was and ever will be.


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