Watch: Kurtz: Even Conservative Pundits Piling On Trump Jr

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‘MediaBuzz’ host Howard Kurtz weighs in on the bipartisan criticism over Donald Trump Jr’s meeting with a Kremlin-connected lawyer who promised compromising information on candidate Hillary Clinton.



  1. I really can’t bear to watch any of the pundits, or even the news organizations themselves.

    A number of them have used the word “dirt”. Using ‘dirt’ is Highly Misleading. The word implies something derogatory but not necessarily criminal in nature. I rather suspect they don’t want to use the words “Hillary” and “criminal” in the same sentence so as to maintain the focus on Don Jr. even though the email Was specific, Russia – Clinton, signifying ‘connection’ – or should we say “Collusion”.

  2. The NYT and CNN are taking a page right out of Goebells’ ym”s book. Say a lie long enough and enough times and people will just start believing it. This whole russian story is nonsense – from beginning to end. We haven’t heard one shred of evidence after all this time.
    the problem is the masses are simply too ignorant and gullible to “read” through the NYT and all other fringe liberal media outlets.


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