Watch: Kurtz: N.Y. Times Admits Press Is Against Trump

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‘MediaBuzz’ host Howard Kurtz reacts to members of the media attempting to justify why their reporting is so negative towards Donald Trump.




  1. Much as I hate Trump the way the media is attacking him lately is overboard. Trump says and does enough stupid things that they don’t have to take him out of context or turn him into a caricature for him to lose. Ironically while I remain completely unsympathetic to Trump I’m thinking of voting for him just to get back at the media. Much as I don’t want Trump to be president I want the media brainwashing people who to vote for even less.

  2. Believe me no more credibility to forfeit that along time ago. My only curiosity is why Hillary Clinton isn’t considered to be dangerous she has messed up and so many areas and I have yet to see anything that you can legitimately call an accomplishmentwhy On earth should you trust her


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