Watch: Lady Crossing Between Cars with Infant in Brooklyn Barely Escapes Tragedy

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  1. is it the insane driver or a careless lady who feels she owns the street cause the law says you yield to pedestrians?

    what do YOU think/feel?

  2. Lady is brain-dead. Driver was absolutely not at fault.
    I had similar situation yesterday in Boro Park.
    Seems the mothers think the kids are disposable c”v.
    They just stick the carriage out into traffic.
    At least this one didn’t look like she was on a cellphone (as many are r’l)

  3. If you put the carriage into the street first, if you are too busy on the phone to watch the traffic, AND, you cross between the cars in the middle of the block, …… (I am afraid to say this) YOU DESERVE IT !!!!

  4. As I have written many times since vision zero was implemented. Until pedestrians are included in the vision zero equation I look at vision zero as a money making good feeling hype. Personally when I drive, I have for long time beep my horn at intersections when I have a green light because pedestrians are always crossing against the light.

  5. I hope the kid is alright. People have been killed being hit at speeds that car was traveling.

    She saw the car, she just expected that it would give her the right of way. We don’t who had the light. Bottom line is that she should never have taken it for granted that the car was going to stop. Right of way or not.

  6. she is actually in the crosswalk – & you cant see id the light is green or not.there is also a car parked illegally @ the corner blocking her view. why post a bunch of half truths??

  7. But yet the age-gap people want these girls to get married younger and younger when they are clearly not ready to take responsibility for their children’s welfare. Shame on them.

  8. “Between cars”?! She is walking in the pedestrian cross walk, where the drivers are legally obligated to let her through. The red van in the front was at the standstill when she started walking, that means that the offending car was at a standstill also. Apparently, the aggressive driver decided to start moving, even though there clearly was a pedestrian in his way. I’d classify this as an attempted murder – it is much more than an accident.


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