Watch: Laining Megillas Esther on the NYC Subway, Purim 5777

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  1. He was actually reading megillah for yidden who were on the subway, who are mechuyav in it just as much as you and I.

    Had he not read it, chances are they would not have fulfilled the mitzva.

  2. Agree, that it’s out of the norm. But, the question is halchekly, if you meet a Jew that otherwise will not hear the Megillah. And I have a Megillah in my hand and twenty minutes on the train, am I מחייב מדין ערבות to read the Megillah or not?

    • Forget about areivus, we’re talking about yiddin who otherwise would not hear the Megillah. It’s the biggest zchus you can have to help another yid do a mitzva and inspire his neshama. Kol hakavod to that Bochur who lives up to, ״אל תתבייש מפני המלעיגים״

    • A fellow who presently is a BT once told me that in his youth some of them came to his PS to hand out a Lulav for anyone who desired to give shake .

      For him ,and probably others kids as well , it made him less interested and less likely to become religious

      Judaism on the cheap

  3. I don’t understand the whole back and forth going on. Are you embarrassed of your yiddishkeit?? Those of you who think it’s a bizoyon or a chilul hashem most definitely must be lacking gaon yaakov, Jewish pride.
    How many of you would put your pride aside, and not care what anyone is saying, including from our own, for another Jew? To be mezake them in another mitzvah?
    When you see a Jew who is far from yiddishkeit your job is not to start making cheshbonos. You need to act, and do the right thing.

  4. Nobody cares what you do on the subway!!!!
    People go around singing songs etc…

    Areivus???? Where were u brought up?? V’ohavtoh L’reyacha Kamocha zeh klal gadol batorah!!!!!

    Not a meshugas!!!

    Unbelievable such hateful comments on a yid being mezakeh another with a mitzvah!!!

    When Mordechai gathered all in the streets of Shushan and rededicated them to Torah and Mitzvos, was that also “annoying” for the goyim present???!!

    It would be better if we zoomed out and looked at the bigger picture; i.e. another Yid fulfilling a mitzva as you do, and not being so square in our outlook!!

  5. Most frum people today have an attitude of live and let live. What is being done in Jerusalem about chillul Shabbos. Nothing other than twenty people protesting each week on rechov neveim. What’s being done about the yearly toeiva parade. Nothing but 200 protesters. Where is the mecho.

  6. Kol HaKavod to this Lubavitcher bochur and all Lubavitcher bochurim on giving up his Purim in order to be mezakeh other Yiddishe neshomes in the mitzvos of Purim. I’m disappointed at the sinas chinam going on here, disparaging Yidden for spreading Torah and Mitzvos to our not yet frum brothers and sisters. While we wallow in our whiskey and hamentashen, they are making sure every Yid fullfils the mitzvos of Purim. Do you also scream “Chilul Hashem!” when someone won’t sit next to a woman on a plane delaying hundreds of people? Get your priorities straight! I personally know this bochur, and he has more Yiras Shamayim than anyone reading

  7. When someone is drowning, do u start making Cheshbonos before u jump in to save them?
    Am I really Mechuyev?
    Is it Kovod Hatoroh?
    Is it worthwhile to get wet to save another Jew?
    Etc. etc. with all the Taanos of the Yetzer Horo who is referred to as the Kluginker – he has all the Lomdishe reasons why you shouldn’t help another Yid!
    We live in a time where most of the Jewish world is drowning in a sea of assimilation and the Godol Haposkim of our time Reb Moshe Zatzal ruled that ALL are obligated to reach out.
    When someone is drowning you don’t make Cheshbonos – u jump in to save them and that includes Laining the Megilla on a train.
    I don’t hear u objecting to a Daf Yomi Shiur on the train to a bunch of Frum Jews!

  8. Just by the way, there’s a difference between protesting someone doing an aveirah, when you know they won’t stop; and helping someone do a mitzvah!

    As Yeruchem said, cheshbonos aren’t made when someone must be saved!!

  9. Lol to all the butthurt people. Right or wrong, if you think this is annoying – you’ve obviously never been on a nyc subway…


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