Watch: Lakewood Resident Praises the Jewish Community

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  1. folks need to be scrupulous with the laws and not stretch them. also, don’t litter. it’s unbecoming and trashy

  2. Isn’t he saying clearly he is being paid by Jewis people? There is a conflict of interest. I Want to see a plain goyishe bum.

  3. So much excitement because someone says Yidden are generous and tip nicely? It’s really focusing onto a very trivial and peripheral attribute. Yes, we are baalei chesed, socially responsible, hardworking, family centric, educated, refined and upstanding. We should know it about ourselves and live that way.

  4. At the end of the day, are the Dolphins going to show up this season and make something of themselves, or will it be same old same old? We can’t continue along the same unsuccessful path. Something has to give, no?


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