Watch: Lakewood Taxi Driver Giving Jews The Heil Hitler Salute In Lakewood



  1. What better place for a JEW hater to be but in the JEWISH HAVEN OF LAKEWOOD.
    The guy works for JEWS, serves Jews when we Jews call and is ‘on call’ for Jews.

    There is a story of a Hasid on Boro Park Brooklyn bus stop laughing every day and pointing at the school buses passing by. He was questioned about it and answered ;how the children growing and making more Jewish babies is a joke on all those haters.

  2. some people like to bite the hands that feed them. Maybe at the end of the month when he checks his bank balance it wont be as high as he thought it should be and as he salutes, his balance may keep on going down, and down. I wonder if he would be smart enough to realize he did it to himself.

  3. Oh please. We don’t know what these bachurim did to tick him off. They could very well of been harassing the guy. I think this is being blown qay out of proportion.

  4. he means no harm for you guys who took it like that should realize hitler is gone and will always be hes not gonna be the one to bring him back get over it .. hitlers been gone for so long

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