Watch: Lapid Releases Campaign Ad In Russian, Says He Will Fight To Promote Chillul Shabbos (via BELAAZ)

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MK And Chairman of the Blue and White Party Yair Lapid released an election campaign video in Russian in which he said his party will fight to allow chillul Shabbos for public services to run.

“Yes I don’t know Russian,” Lapid started off. “But I will fight for public transportation to run on Shabbos. For this you don’t need to know Russian, for this you need determination”



    • The plan would have buses not charge, free on Shabbat. This would certainly help the poor people. Real chesed, he is a real leader.

  1. Is this man Jewish? Someone should investigate.
    Whatta nebach – selling his neshama for Russian votes!
    He was 99% a ghetto commander in the previous gilgul.

    • Yair is Jewish but his father was not. This has been well documented. Tommy’s father was Jewish but his mother was not. Her conversion was not done according to the Torah laws rendering the children born from that union non Jewish. So Yair was born from a Jewish mother and a non Jewish father. Their are klipos that come along from such a child. We are seeing that now, unfortunately.

  2. Lapid should get out of the holy land and become PM in Uganda. Isn’t that where Herzl wanted to make the Jewish state in the first place?


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