Watch: Lev Tahor Cult Moves Once Again

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A community of Jews who dress like ultra-Orthodox Jews but are a radical cult living outside Guatemala’s capital moved out Sunday, claiming persecution because of their faith.




  1. Israel wages that Moses has left the building. Simply put, Lev Tahor is so wacky that anyone to observe might wonder about all of Israel.

    But in all essence, their nomadic displacement might show that they are indeed a wandering people. Moses already did that in his years. I wonder if Lev Tahor is going to find more orthodox values. Still, they are interesting from sociological Israel interests. Will they have a future in their wacky minhag that continues or will main directed Torah faith take their families to better futures.

    Awe might be more careful words.

    Does Guatemala have more to add if someone can translate the spanish in the newscast? I would be curious what was televised.


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