Watch: Lev Tahor Cult Now Living In Tents

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  1. The very sad thing about Lev Tahor is that their minhag is so egregiously absent from humor and honor that Hashem does not honor them with a strength of good faith in Time and Valued Voice.

    They are clearly a disorganized culture. The elderly are nervous and the young are under waged.

    Scary, but to look at the willowed eyes of their kids walking around without any sense of human belonging or human courage, one just has to save his thoughts on the Lev Tahor dream. It is so bad that even the bears in the forest cry.

    This is very poor. I can only wonder if we will see more Lev Tahor stories, if jewish welfare will help them and if their cult sense is going to be refitted to a human society.

    If they are halachaicly jewish, we must care.

  2. I dont get it why NOBODY steps in to save these abused woman and children! !! What is with us that we cant see whats going on b4 our eyes!

  3. I would not say “nobody cares”, I would say no one knows what to do. Actually, even professionals (mental health, social workers etc) have a hard time with dealing with cults.

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