Watch: Liberal NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio: Donald Trump ‘Is Part Of The Problem In This Country’

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  1. De blasio y don’t you go antagonize some more police and go eulogized them after they get killed because of ppl like you

    • So I went to the internet site that lists every NYPD officer killed in the line of duty. Since De Blasio became Mayor we have seen the following NYPD deaths:

      1 from heart attack
      1 from automobile accident
      1 from fire
      4 from gunfire
      and 19 from illnesses sustained from their work as responders to the World Trade Center attacks.

      Donald Trump opposed the health care program for the 9/11 responders. It is Trump much more than De Blasio who needs to show up at some funerals.

  2. There is something seriously wrong with DeBlasio. Its a shame that Bill Thompson folded like a cheap camera.

  3. Not a huge De Blasio fan but he is right on this.

    The last time a major party Presidential candidate incited racists and anti-Semites like this was never.


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