Watch: Lipa Celebrates Making the Dean’s List

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  1. Lipa lipa lipa lipa lipa lipa lipa lipa. Notice, he’s wearing a green yarmulke.

  2. How will you face the Melech Malachi Hamelochim when he asks you if you dealed in business honestly? Start doing TESHUVA now by posting this reply and starting to post everyones FULL replies to news reports

    May Hashem forgive you once you start doing TESHUVA and continue until completion

    May Hashem give you Hatzlacha in your Media Parnassah once you return to Honesty

  3. I love lipa and i think that hes doing a great job!!!

    lipa stay strong and keep it up, you don’t even know how many people your holding by yiddishkiet
    and holding them happy!!!!
    love you lipa!


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