Watch: Lipa Schmelczer’s House Goes Up in Flames Because of Faulty Cell Phone Charger

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  1. Who lets his phone charge at night when they go to sleep? I never do that. I always charge mine in the morning while I go to daven Shachris. By the time I come back it’s usually mostly charged.
    Btw, I didn’t know he was selling his Shul. How many people does it seat?

  2. Don’t blame the charger blame the fact that you went to ‘gymnassium’ against your tradition.
    Feel good – G-D is watching you very carefully.

    • Was gonna say something in a similar vein.
      Its a wake up call…Hashem loves you…and you know where you come from. The time you spent in college you could have used to become a goan and get smicha…something that would bagleit you forever and ever…

  3. Delusional ambiguous confused.
    That’s what I see in this video. I absolutely do not judge or point fingers. However שכל דארף מען האבען
    Please Lipe (your have a טיירע נשמה) you seems as your horrible over exaggerating your circumstances. Standing there without a Yarmulke and or Tzitzes preaching לשם שמים. How nauseousing it is to see that.
    Please do Teshuvah now. You have so much good to offer the Frum world. We need you back. We miss you here.
    In ספרי מוסר says when one sings and or accepts tunes songs music from a non Jewish source one connects with that טומה. As you yourself say many times songs are the language of the Neshama. It’s a spiritual language that assists us in our daily life. When one takes that spiritual language from a source of טומה one is affected by it more then one can ever imagine. It has an extremely powerful כוח Please return to your people. Hashem and ALL of his children are eagerly waiting to accept you back.

  4. Reb Lipa! You have such unbelievable kochos and kishronos, mamesh nit shayich on der velt! Don’t let the ‘bren fun der fire’ melt! Seize the moment, ‘zei a held’! Be mekabel to use your talents
    only to be marbeh Kvod Shamayim, nisht far zachen vus felt!

    • The gedoylim have warned us about the cell phone dangers. As we time and again they are right. Destroy ur cell phones and live. Beharto chaim velo iphone.

  5. As stated by previous comment. He left the charger between the mattress and the wall with no room to vent the heat so it over heated. Not smart!

  6. If I was his mentor a few years ago when he was king of jewish Chassidic music and his troubles started with the concert he was forced to cancel and lost money. There were some well known rabbis who offered to learn and take him under their wings. Had he done that he would be making tons of money and continued his career like moredchai ben David did. Instead of listening and being influenced by the tuna beigel Crowd his incredible talent would bring him to the top. Once you use anger and leads to rebellion there is no stopping where one can lose out. I feel bad for him. Now I see him with not peyos and his son with no more peyos and his family in short skirts. Lipa come back. If you come back so many will follow your way back. Get on the news and burn your hat and cloak from Columbia college. Start a once a week Torah class with a good Rav and grow your peyos back. Life is short. Your still young and you can do it and become a true hero of our people.

    • You make some excellent points. But, we did see some “issues” with Lipa before all this started. If you remember well, MBD was heavily criticized many years ago, when he came out with the Shma Yisroel song. It was rocked up, even for that time and the Gadol Hador was upset. Nevertheless MBD bounced back very nicely and we all enjoy his great voice and music even till this day. Lipa is known for his eccentric ways. Weird strange glasses, colorful bekeshes and yarlmukas. Strange ideas and statements. These are not the norm. We don’t see Simcha Leiner, Schweky, Levine, Pruz, Goldwag, Green, Katz, Benny Friedman, Schnitzler, Lowy, etc etc….doing these things. As with all of us, we need proper Torah guidance. If for some reason that’s not available, seek a frum therapist/life coach.
      I wish him and his family only the best.

      • You can do funny things and wear entertainment costumes and still be a good frum yid. Look at uncle Moshe and the mitzvah men. You need guidance from a competent rav. Every person has individuality. We find in the gemorrah how certain sages used their talents to entertain at weddings or at the Bais hamikdosh. Nothing wrong. Just we have to be careful not to be influenced by the atheistic secular world and their immoral behavior.

        • I hear you. Your point is well taken.
          There is more to this story (I have a very strong theory), but not for public discussion.
          Ah gutten Shabbos.

  7. A thought and a challenge for Lipa and I quote the mantra
    “You can charge your IQ by plugging into others”
    Don’t use aftermarket chargers!


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